Video Links to PSS Concert Band’s Performances in Hong Kong 2018

Winter Band Festival Competition – 28 Nov 2018

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  1. Set Piece: Military Escort
  2. Choice Piece: Blue Ridge Saga

Hong Kong Disney Land – 30 Dec 2018

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  1. Disney Film Favourites 
  2. The Lion King 
  3. Music from Cars 

Day 3

Competition observation and performance @ Y-Theatre


Band reflex competition.

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Euphonium section

What are some things you learned in preparing for and preparing the contest?
1. Inspirational speeches are useful
2. The more practice the better
3. Fail to plan plan to fail

What did we do well in this contest ?
1. We pulsed so the band somewhat played together
2. Dynamics was fine, for some parts of the music
3. We tried to ignore the percussion when they were playing with incorrect pulsing, allowing the percussion to recover over time.

What do you think you could have done better in this contest ?
1. Properly cope with stage fright
2. Look at conductor for change of
3. Be proactive and help out others when In need

Favourite song and why?
1. Blue ridge saga, as we somewhat had proper pulsing and the song was organised, as such we are somewhat proud of our band. Unlike military escort, which was not very pleasant by the lack of looking up for proper instructions through musical sign language. As such, we played very messily which made the band play a little all over the place

What have learned from our fellow band members ?
1. Be optimistic when playing the music.
2. Hard work and determination results in good playing when everyone plays their part and puts in effort
~Euphonium section

Day 2

Morning visit to Victoria Peak


Victoria peak a tourist attraction that has a tram ride up the hill. With an elevation of 552 metres, it stands as the 31st highest point in Hong Kong.


Peak tram. Source: wikipedia

Lunch at Hong Kong Islamic Centre Canteen


Lunch at Hong Kong’s Islamic centre served Halal Dim Sum. The second tourist attraction for the day would be Stanley market (nearby Stanley beach).

Band Exchange @ Belilios Public School

In late afternoon, the band visited Belilios Public School for a band exchange.



Dinner at Basmati (Indian Halal restaurant)




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Day 2 reflection by flute section:

“We went to Belilios public school and had a band exchange with them. BPS band had an amazing performance put up for us. They were very professional as they were discipline and cautious in their playing. This is something we should learn from. Our tonguing was very messy as we were not playing with pulse and some were even not looking at Ms Ten’s conducting. Tuning was not done properly despite having the time to do so. We need to improve on our time management. We should also be careful in our playing and stay focus. We can make use of the time tonight to practice our fingering, we can also make sure tuning and warm up is done well tomorrow morning. There’s a lot of improvement that we can make. Overall the exchange is a great experience for us to learn from.” – Finnan 1N1


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Day 2 reflection by Clarinet section:

“Our band strength is able to play the given dynamic sometimes and one of our strength is also the huge band size we have, having a huge band size allows us to produce a variety of sound.” -Kaiting


The journey begins~


We have arrived safely in Hong Kong!

A new environment and an unfamiliar place. Students eagerly tugged their luggage and their instrument out of the arrival hall up onto the bus.  Our first stop is Hong Kong Gold Coast Piazza.

Here is where students have their first meal in Hong Kong.
*Note: Muslim students dined in a halal-certified restaurant with an adult. Students are reminded to consume food within their dietary requirements.

After lunch the Band headed towards the Shine Music (musical studio) whereby they unwrapped their instruments and started their first rehearsal.




french-horn French horn section

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Students’ reflections

“When first arriving at Hong Kong, it feels just like Singapore, except colder. After lunch we settled down at a small music room (Shine Music) to practice. Even though the room was very cramped, I still felt very fortunate that they provided us with a room to practice in. On this trip, I want to be more encouraging towards my juniors. All in all, I look forward to the rest of the Hong Kong trip.” – Marcus Tan 3B

“The first thing I want to improve is my patience. I will  be more active and sleep longer so that I can stay more active. I can improve communication with my fellow by talking to them more, not being awkward and helping them out more.” – Magesh 1D

“I want to be able to sustain a fuller sound with the same air flow using more strength. I will be hardworking and take on leadership roles. I can help my fellow members by being on the lookout for them, teaching and guiding them.” Suraj 2N2